Friday, March 9, 2012

Top Tax Scams to Watch for in 2012

Identity thieves and scammers love tax season.  Like a shark swimming around a bucket of chum, these criminals prey on careless individuals looking to file their taxes.  This list of tax scams is compiled by the IRS, and is provided to remind us to protect ourselves.  Many of these scams are attempted during tax season, so use precaution when filing your return. 

Identity Theft:  Watch out for people trying to steal your tax refunds.  If you receive an IRS notice informing you that more than one return was filed, or that you received wages from an unknown employer, seek immediate help. 

Phishing:  Unsolicited emails and fake websites pose as legitimate sources to lure in potential victims.  These emails and websites ask you to provide valuable personal and financial information.  If you receive any fictitious emails appearing to be from the IRS, immediately alert the IRS by sending a notice to

Return Preparer Fraud: Make sure you are using a credible tax preparing service.  There are unethical return preparers out there who secretly take money from their client’s refunds.

“Free Money” from the IRS & Tax Scams Involving Social Security: Flyers and other advertisements for free money from the IRS have been appearing in community churches around the country.  Scammers have also been known to lure in people with promises of non-existent Social Security refunds or rebates. 

If you feel you have become subject to any of these scams don’t hesitate to call our office.  We are a practice composed of certified public accounting professionals and support staff dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of tax services and financial support.  McDaniel & Company has been the best in the Triad for over 17 years.

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